How Does It Work?

LegLasso™ provides people with disabilities with an effective and easy-to-use mobility aid for sleeping.

Leg Lasso, mobility aid
  • Great For…

  • Overactive legs that move during sleep.
  • People who spend all night in one position and risk bed sores.
  • People who have trouble reaching their legs while laying down.
  • Someone who wants an easier transition back to sleep when waking to reposition.

What Is It?Frog Leg Mobility Aid For Sleeping

LegLasso™ is lightweight and durable, allowing users to reposition their legs when they spasm or become uncomfortable. LegLasso™ can be used with ease while lying down, eliminating the need to sit up or thrash around in order to roll over.  LegLasso™ was originally designed for spinal cord injury patients, but are effective for anyone with limited lower body or leg mobility (e.g. those living with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc). LegLasso™ is great for people that worry about developing bedsores and can give people with impaired use of their hands the chance to be more independent.