About Us

Frog Leg Mobility Inc. was started in 2014 in order to provide increased mobility and independence to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries, as well as others with decreased lower limb mobility.

Frog Leg Mobility Inc.’s founder, Aaron Lillie, broke his neck in an accident in 2007 and attended a rehab facility in Toronto, Ontario. Once returning home, it only took a few restless and uncomfortable nights for Aaron to realize that there wasn’t going to be anyone who could help him turn in bed throughout the night. Unless he wanted to wake up sweating through the night and run the risk of developing bedsores, he was going to need a solution.

Aaron and his mother worked together to design Leg Lasso™, which helped him to straighten his legs when they spasmed, and also to roll from side to side during the night. Leg Lasso™ has helped Aaron for several years, and now they can help others as well.

Aaron was born and raised in Bracebridge where his parents still reside. After attending the University of Western Ontario Aaron moved to Barrie where he currently resides.

Why LegLasso™?

Frequently, Aaron would wake up from sleeping with his legs bent but spread in opposite directions, resembling frog legs.